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Teeth Whitening

Beautiful Woman With A Whiten Perfect SmileAt Signature Dental a healthy smile is our highest priority.  When this goal is achieved, a safe effective cosmetic procedure is tooth whitening. Our office offers several different ways to achieve this goal.

Opalescence Boost is our in-office whitening procedure.  This procedure will take approximately one hour.  This achieves the quickest result in the least amount of time.

Opalescence has whitening gels that can be utilized in traditional custom made trays. These are used at home every day for approximately two weeks.

Pola is our touch up whitening. It is utilized by those who have had whitening done in the past and have seen some darkening of the teeth. This does occur with time. When this darkening occurs the Pola is used for 15 minutes per day for about one week to bring back the vibrant smile achieved during the initial whitening process .

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